Sustainability, quality, convenience and simplicity at the core

A Little Bird Company has been a passion project from the start. I always loved feeding the birds in our garden – I enjoyed the feeling of giving something back and making a difference, but I was frustrated with the amount of plastic packaging I was throwing away, and with the amount of bird food that was getting rejected by the birds and kicked onto the floor. I have always loved working on my garden, and it was frustrating to see seedlings popping up below the bird feeders too.

While it was clear that the pigeons, starlings and jackdaws would eat most of the seed mixes I put out, I wanted to try and work out which foods the smaller birds enjoyed so that I could cater to them too. A little research showed that the ingredients used in the bird food mixes I had been buying from the supermarket and garden centre weren’t supporting smaller birds like finches and tits. I started buying bulk bags of straight seeds online and mixing different blends to work out what was eaten most quickly – I found that suet pellets and sunflower hearts were a hit straight away, and began to build a pantry of the birds’ favourite blends.

A friend suggested I sell some of my bird food blends online, but it was important to me that I used packaging that could be easily composted. After trying a few different options I settled on the boxes and pouches I use now. The food became popular, and I decided to offer a subscription to make sure clients wouldn’t run out of food or have to store large bags – as a busy mum I crave simplicity and that is what I aim to offer my clients. The subscription model works well, with less waste and a lower carbon footprint as I know how much food to order in advance and can receive the seeds, process the blends and distribute the subscriptions in bulk to order.

As the business grows I am keen to maintain the values I started out with – sustainability, convenience, quality and simplicity are at the heart of A Little Bird Company, and always will be.

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