How to make feeding your birds a quick and easy part of your routine

Over half of British families feed the birds in their garden at least once a week, and the food we offer our birds makes an observable difference to wild bird populations. An increasingly diverse range of birds visit our feeders and there has been a marked change in the varieties coming into our gardens since […]

Sustainability, quality, convenience and simplicity at the core

A Little Bird Company has been a passion project from the start. I always loved feeding the birds in our garden – I enjoyed the feeling of giving something back and making a difference, but I was frustrated with the amount of plastic packaging I was throwing away, and with the amount of bird food […]

Get your garden ready for the birds this Autumn

nature red forest leaves

The weather this September has been beautiful, but we can’t be fooled – our gardens are slowly but surely winding down for Autumn. Migratory birds are headed for warmer shores, the leaves are falling from the trees and the days are getting shorter. The birds in our garden need our support more than ever in […]

You want compostable? It’s going to cost you…

When I set up A Little Bird Company, it was vital to me that the food I sold was of the best quality, appealing to smaller birds and sold in compostable packaging. I was fed up with the amount of single use packaging we were throwing away as a family, and because my birds were […]

5 Steps to Feeding Your Garden Birds

Wild bird populations are in decline in the UK. Population growth, transport and artificial gardens have had a huge impact on numbers, and intensive farming, fuelled by a demand for cheap, mass produced goods, has had the biggest impact of all. The destruction of hedgerows and woodland spaces and the use of pesticides and chemical […]

15 Bird Feeders to Make at Home

Why not try your hand at making one of these fantastic bird feeders to encourage some wild birds and brighten up your garden this Spring? Check out this round up of simple bird feeder craft activities that you could make using things you can find around the house – perfect jobs for children to help […]

Exploring Nature, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Feeding and watching urban garden birds has been found to increase overall psychological well being and make people feel more relaxed and connected to nature*. Spending time observing the birds keeps us in the moment and gives us an appreciation for the wildlife around us – we can observe the subtle seasonal changes that we […]

Feeding Birds of All Shapes and Sizes

Unbelievable as it seems to those of us with large flocks of starlings who visit our gardens, starling numbers are actually in decline in the UK. Sadly a lack of roosting sites mean that these bold and beautiful birds are struggling to breed – starlings do need all the help they can get. That said, […]

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