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Bird Baths

Bird baths not only provide birds with a fresh supply of water but also add character to your garden. Encourage small birds to rest in your outdoor space with our garden bird baths that are practical yet beautifully decorative. 

The bird baths available at A Little Bird Company are high quality and suitable for small garden birds like robins, blue tits and finches. Our bird baths are designed to fit in any garden, even smaller yards and outdoor spaces without taking up too much space. Any outdoor space can be a sanctuary for small birds and other wildlife with one of our lovely, practical bird baths

Garden bird baths are not only a space for birds to rest, drink and bathe, you’ll also find bees, butterflies and small mammals benefiting from the water supply and rest area bird baths provide. 

The garden bird baths we have on offer are frost resistant, lightweight and easy to move around the garden. Choose from a neutral grey bird bath with a geometrical pattern or a beautiful olive green ceramic bird bath with a terracotta trim to catch the bird’s eyes. 

To provide more resting spots for the birds in your garden, why not add a nest box or bird feeder too? 

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