Monthly Bird Food Subscription

Wild birds have lost so many of their habitats and food sources in our towns and cities – let’s offer them a safe space and reliable food supply and welcome them back into our urban gardens. Offer a consistent and nutritious source of food throughout the year to enable wild birds to breed and thrive with our popular bird food subscription.

From: £8.01 every 2 months


Big Eats for Little Beaks


There are so many bird food options on the market – we make choosing the right food simple. Our blends are packed with nutritious food, free from wheat and cheap fillers and delivered in compostable packaging – only the best for your garden birds and for the environment. Our blends are no waste, no grow, meaning they are designed not to germinate or leave a mess below the feeder. We adjust our blends so that your birds get the nutrients they need to support them through each season – from breeding and the annual moult to the cold winter months. Our mixed seed blend is perfect to serve in seed feeders, feeding trays and tables, window feeders, ground feeding stations and ceramic seed gourds, and we never include whole peanuts, so the blend is safe for even the smallest birds. We use ingredients most likely to attract little birds including finches, tits, siskins and sparrows – refill your bird feeder regularly to keep your birds visiting.

Subscribe and Save

You can sign up for a regular subscription to save money and receive our popular Monthly Titbits booklet with each order. Monthly Titbits contains details about the monthly seed blend, as well as information about the birds to look out for, tips to help you encourage birds and wildlife and support them in your garden and coupons to give our subscribers money off products in our shop. You can switch between subscription levels at any time, as well as pausing or cancelling your subscription.

Details for each monthly blend can be found on our packaging and in the blog. We select our ingredients from the list below:

Sunflower Hearts, Dried Mealworms, Safflower Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Suet Pellets, Kibbled Peanuts, Pinhead Oats, Linseed, Rapeseed, Oyster Shell Grit (Allergens highlighted in bold)

How much bird food do you need each month? We offer either 1kg or 4.5kg bags – just choose between our Little Beaks or Hungry Beaks subscription. Shipping costs are included for our subscriptions, unlike Seasonal Seed Bags.

Subscription Level

Feed the Flock (12.75kg), Feed the Flock (12.75kg) Alternative Months, Hungry Beaks (4.5kg), Hungry Beaks (4.5kg) Alternate Months, Little Beaks (1kg), Little Beaks (1kg) Alternative Months


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