New England Nest Box

I love this pretty nest box, it’s constructed using slow seasoned FSC certified timber and provides a beautiful and safe habitat for smaller birds.


This is a beautifully constructed nest box with a real shingle roof and slow-seasoned FSC certified clapboard walls with a reinforced stainless steel entrance hole. It will attract smaller species including blue tits and makes an attractive addition to any garden.

Position the nest box at least 1.5m off the ground and away from the reach of predators. If you are siting the box in a tree, aim for the side that is out of prevailing wind and rain – take a look at where algae grows on the trunk and fix your nest box on the opposite side. Ensure that your nest box is positioned long before breeding season, and aim to supply a selection of nesting materials (straw and pet fur are great choices) nearby in an old bird feeder for the birds to access. You can clean the feeder between September and February, removing any used nesting materials and disinfecting with Wildkleen before repositioning.

Take care not to disturb the birds when they start to use your nest box.

Weight.828 kg
Dimensions25 × 22 × 17.5 cm
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