The Seed and Nut Blend


Due to popular demand, I have developed a year-round Seed and Nut blend for your wild birds. Containing only the most nutritious, top quality plant-based ingredients and packaged in plastic-free, compostable packaging, this bird food blend is a great supplementary feed for the wild birds in your garden.

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Big Eats for Little Beaks


After emails asking whether I offered a plant-based option for my bird food blends, I decided to start developing a mix using only nuts and seeds. While we know that the birds in our garden enjoy a variety of foods in the wild, with the majority eating a mix of seeds, nuts and insects, they also stand to benefit from a supplementary mix of high quality, plant-based ingredients. The seasonal bird food mixes I produce contain suet, and some also include mealworms and oyster shell grit, but if you prefer not to handle animal-based products in your home, this is the bird food for you.

As with all of my blends, I have included only the most nutritious, most beneficial ingredients in my Seeds and Nuts Blend – no cheap fillers here! It is a year-round mix, so you can feed it to the birds in your garden throughout the year. The food is available in 1kg, 4.5kg and 12.75kg bags, and the packaging is all fully compostable.

INGREDIENTS (Allergens highlighted in bold)

Sunflower Hearts make up the bulk of the mix – they are the perfect hit of energy, protein and essential oils and quick and easy to eat on the go, and they have their husks removed for easy picking from the feeder;
Peanut Granules make up a big proportion of the blend for a boost of potassium and iron, as well as offering fat and proteins. These granules are chopped up small so as not to cause a choking risk for smaller birds and chicks;
Pinhead Oats are the very centre of an oat flake – where all the goodness is stored. They are a great source of energy for the birds in your garden;
Hemp Seed is an absolutely brilliant food for small birds, attracting finches, sparrows, tits and woodpeckers. Similar in nutritional value to sunflower hearts, hemp seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty and amino acids.
Safflower offers the birds oils, fats and B vitamins;
Linseed is an oil rich seed, particularly beneficial during moulting season, and attracting finches to your feeder.

Subscribe and Save

You can sign up for a regular subscription to save money and receive our popular Monthly Titbits booklet with each order. Monthly Titbits contains details about the monthly seed blend, as well as information about the birds to look out for, tips to help you encourage birds and wildlife and support them in your garden and coupons to give our subscribers money off products in our shop. You can switch between subscription levels at any time, as well as pausing or cancelling your subscription.


12.75kg, 1kg, 4.5kg

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