The Squirrel Buster

We all want to encourage wildlife of all shapes and sizes into our gardens, but it can be frustrating when the bigger birds and squirrels are eating all the food, leaving none left for the smaller birds. The Squirrel Buster is a humane way to solve the problem!


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If the squirrels and pigeons in your garden are feasting on your bird feed, this is the bird feeder for you. We all love to welcome wildlife of all kinds into our gardens, but when the bigger birds and squirrels are eating all the food before anyone else gets a chance it can become frustrating. These adjustable and durable feeders are weight activated – when the squirrel lands on the feeding perches the four feeding ports close, blocking access to the food inside. Smaller birds can eat away happily!

The feeders come with a lifetime guarantee and over 4 million have been sold worldwide, making them the leading squirrel proof feeder. The Squirrel Buster is easy to fill, adjust and clean and fits around 400g of my bird food blends. We have tested ours in a few gardens and they really do work!


  • Adjustable mechanism activated by weight;
  • Chew proof thanks to a metal mesh external tube;
  • Lifetime Guarantee with easy online registration and forevernew telephone careline (provided by the manufacturer);
  • Allows smaller birds to have a feeding station of their own;
  • No tools required for set up;
  • Negative grip hanging tube to prevent access from above;
  • Ventilation within the tube, keeping food fresh.

The feeder should be positioned with 18″ (47cm) clearance on all sides (above, below and to the side) to prevent squirrels from reaching across. The spring tension can be affected by extreme weather so many need adjusting.

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions12.7 × 12.7 × 33.7 cm

Top quality, seasonal bird food

Our popular wild bird food blends make the perfect addition to your Squirrel Buster. We use only the most nutritious ingredients to create our cereal and grain free mixes, meaning less waste beneath the bird feeder. Sunflower hearts make the base of each nutritious blend, and we add suet pellets, mealworms, peanut granules, hempseed and more depending on the season. Clients report seeing a greater variety of birds and refilling their bird feeders less regularly since switching to A Little Bird Co.

You can order a one-off delivery of 1kg, 4.5kg or 12.75kg of food or sign up to an ongoing subscription to receive our popular Monthly Titbits booklet, packed with information to help you look after the wild birds in your garden.