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We had an experiment for 4 days. I put your bird food out and another brand [happy beaks]. The birds tried them both but decided on yours. The next day all your food had gone and the other bird food was full. After 4 days the happy beaks is still full. We watched but even when they only had the other food the birds did not touch it. As soon as we put your food out the birds swooped on it. I think the birds are telling you ,you got it right.

Anne U.
Excellent wild bird food

Food comes quickly and is just what I ordered. I order from here with confidence.

I’m so pleased to hear the food is going down so well and that you’re happy with the service too!

Paul Y.
The Taste Is Out Weighing The Price

I am all for feeding everything that uses my garden. I say My Garden, but everywhere outside my door belongs to nature. The problem with Flutter Butter is its too tasty, I leave one out at mid-day and its gone within hours.
I will continue to use them, but not at the rate nature is expecting of me.

I empathise! We can't put these out quickly enough in our garden - the birds get through them so quickly, especially in cold weather and breeding season. I'm glad to hear it's going down so well!

Very popular in our garden

The flutter butter is really popular with robins, ****, starlings and blackcaps and the feeder looks really nice and is easy to refill.

Thank you so much for your lovely review! I’m so pleased to hear it’s a hit in your garden and love the photo!

Cheryl F.
The birds love it!

Unfortunately so does the squirrel! But it's a great addition to the garden, and goes really quick. We'll worth it.

So happy to hear that the birds are enjoying their Flutter Butter!

Jane G.
Successful purchase

The birds seem to love the food which generally seems to be easy for them to access.
Some.minor problems with regular delivery of order though I’m sure it will sort itself out

I’m so pleased that the birds love the food! Thank you for the lovely review!


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