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5 Steps to Feeding Your Garden Birds

Wild bird populations are in decline in the UK. Population growth, transport and artificial gardens have had a huge impact on numbers, and intensive farming, fuelled by a demand for cheap, mass produced goods, has had the biggest impact of all. The destruction of hedgerows and woodland spaces and the use of pesticides and chemical […]

Exploring Nature, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Feeding and watching urban garden birds has been found to increase overall psychological well being and make people feel more relaxed and connected to nature*. Spending time observing the birds keeps us in the moment and gives us an appreciation for the wildlife around us – we can observe the subtle seasonal changes that we […]

How to Add Feeding the Birds to Your Daily Routine

If you are new to feeding your garden birds you might find it hard to remember to top up their food and clean the feeders regularly – we’re all so busy and there are so many other jobs to remember around the home. But the more reliable you can be, particularly when food is scarce, […]

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