Top quality wild bird food

Enjoy wild birds at your window

We carefully blend no-waste, no-grow bird food, designed to attract and support little birds and thoughtfully tailored to meet their seasonal needs.


A Little Bird Co.

You put out bird food hoping to create a haven for blue tits and robins, but the only visitors to your garden are pigeons, crows and magpies. It may feel disheartening, but the solution is simple. When you choose a wheat-based bird food, the birds sift through, kicking what they don't want onto the floor. With a better quality blend offered in the right bird feeders, you'll see more abundance and diversity in your garden.

A Little Bird Co Seasonal Bird Food – where nutrition meets sustainability and simplicity in every beakful.

Sustainable bird feeding

Our small business was built with sustainability in mind from the very beginning. There is an environmental and financial cost to farming, processing, packaging and transporting the cheaper "filler" seeds and grains like wheat, dari, millet and maize that often bulk out cheaper commercial bird food (and end up germinating beneath your bird feeder). We prioritise both nutrition and sustainability by using only the premium foods that we know the blue tits, finches and robins love, and packaging it in compostable bags and boxes.

Simple subscriptions

Our British bird feeding charities, the RSPB and BTO, recommend feeding the birds in your garden all year round. Our bird food subscription ensures you are always ready to provide, with a garden the birds can rely on. With premium bird food delivered straight to your door, you can enjoy hassle free bird feeding, all year round.

Receive your bird food delivery monthly, every other month or as and when you need it, pausing, cancelling or adjusting your subscription at any time. Connect with the seasonal changes in your garden and learn about the wildlife to look out for each month with our booklet, delivered with each subscription.

Find the solution

We want to welcome wildlife of all shapes and sizes into our garden, whether furry, prickled or feathered, but it can feel frustrating when pigeons, crows, squirrels or starlings are eating your entire supply of food, leaving nothing for the smaller birds.

If you would like to reserve a supply of food for the blue tits, robins, finches and blackbirds, you can try one of our bird feeding solutions. We stock the top selling Squirrel Buster bird feeder, as well as a defender to stop crows and pigeons from eating the bird food, and even a starling proof bird feeder. Explore the full range of solutions on our online store.

Kind Words From Our Loyal Flock of Customers

“We noticed a huge difference in the birds that visited our garden - a much greater variety. Will definitely keep buying from here, and particularly as I love supporting small businesses.”

Joanne, Trustpilot 2023

“The winter food I received was very different from the previous batch I had in the summer, the description states that it is seasonally adjusted and it clearly is. I had to take a long look to check the mealworms weren’t alive there were so many of them! The small birds love it.”

Pauline, Trustpilot 2023

“Lovely independent business, clearly a lot of work and thought goes into providing high quality products, speedy shipping and very well packaged with personal touches! Thank you from me and all the new birds in my garden”

Charlotte, Trustpilot 2023