Seasonal and sustainable bird food.

We sell top quality wild bird food in compostable packaging to help you support the birds in your garden.

Big eats for little beaks!

Choose from 1kg and 4.5kg of seasonal, top quality bird food delivered monthly.

from £8.50

Our beautiful gift bag makes the perfect eco-friendly present.

from £35.00

Why choose
a little bird company?

Seasonal, top quality ingredients

We use the very best foods in our blends, adjusting the ingredients every two months in order to meet the birds’ needs each season. We make up bags to order, meaning your bird food is always fresh.

A reliable source of nutritious food

A subscription of top quality bird food provides wild birds with a reliable food source to replace the natural foods depleted through development and farming. We deliver as much food as you need, meaning less storage and fewer trips to the shops.

The sustainable choice

We deliver our bags in compostable packaging and donate money to wildlife charities for every bag sold. We use only recycled paper and card and water based inks in our packaging.

No husk, no grow as standard

Our blends are no husk, no grow as standard so that less food ends up being wasted and the birds benefit from every beakful. Our food blends won’t leave a mess below your feeder.

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Sustainability, quality, convenience and simplicity

We don’t stock a huge range of seed blends, feeders and nest boxes and we don’t have a huge team of employees. At A Little Bird Company, we limit ourselves to one, seasonal bird food blend and we keep things simple so that we can offer our clients the best quality and value possible.

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