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We make top quality food for wild birds and sell it in compostable packaging, along with our range of sustainable bird feeders and accessories.

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Our top quality wild bird food blends are designed to encourage a variety of birds to your garden. We use only the most nutritious, top quality ingredients and package everything in compostable packaging.

If you are looking for a plastic free, eco gift you have come to the right place! We sell bird food subscriptions and gift sets, or you can put together your own set of products – perfect for an adult or child.

We have a curated range of feeders, nest boxes and accessories – everything you need to get started with feeding the birds in your garden! Order one of our starter sets and we will deliver everything you need to get started.


Our bird food is sold in compostable packaging, and we stock a range of carefully chosen, sustainably made feeders and accessories. Our blends are no husk, no waste as standard to reduce seedlings and rejected food and ensure that the birds benefit from every beakful.


We adjust our bird food blends to support your birds through cold weather, breeding season and their annual moult. Sunflower hearts and suet pellets form the basis of each mix, and we add mealworms, kibbled peanuts, hemp seed, linseed and more depending on the season.


You can buy a bag of our bird food as a one off purchase or subscribe to a regular subscription to save money and ensure that your feeders are topped up. We offer gift subscriptions too, and you can add a beautiful, hand-written gift card to accompany the delivery.


If you are looking for a plastic-free, environmentally friendly gift that gives back to wildlife, take a look at our Christmas gift sets and gift subscriptions.

"We have spotted all kinds of birds since putting our first feeder up!"


Blue tit, Cyanistes caeruleus, isolated on white background

Feed your garden birds from only £4.75

The choices can seem endless when it comes to choosing wild bird food. We keep it simple with our seasonal, bird food mix, sold in compostable packaging and delivered as regularly as you need. We adjust the foods we use every two months so that your birds get the nutritients they need in each season.

Our bird food has been designed to appeal to all of your garden favourites – from blue tits to goldfinches and robins to blackbirds. Unlike supermarket brands, we don’t use wheat, millet, dari or maize as cheap fillers to bulk out our bird food, so you can rest assured there’s quality in every beakful.

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How hungry are the birds in your garden? We sell 1kg, 4.5kg and 12.75kg bags of bird food.



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Clare (A Little Bird Co.)

Are you new to feeding the birds in your garden?

You’ve come to the right place. When I started feeding the birds in our garden seven years ago I could barely recognise a robin from a blue tit! My passion for feeding the birds grew as the number and variety of birds visiting our garden increased, and A Little Bird Company was born from that passion.

Getting started with feeding the birds in your garden is easy – all you need is a bag of bird food and some patience, and the pride and satisfaction that comes from seeing a garden full of the wildlife you have encouraged is the best feeling. Join our flock, and make a difference to the birds in your garden today.

Seasonal Wild Bird Food


Our 1kg, 4.5kg and 12.75 bags are  no husk, no grow as standard and we deliver in compostable packaging.


We change the blend of ingredients in our bags of bird foods to attract a variety of species and support them throughout the year.


You can have your food delivered monthly or every two months and save money when you sign up to a regular subscription.