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Katie P.
A bumper bag for some hungry families!

We have subscribed to the seasonal bag for the last couple of months. Our garden birdlife is very content with the food! It's been much more convenient for us than travelling to our local pet shop, and probably a similar price, plus plastic free! (And the used bags are great for sending parcels!). In future I'd love to be able to buy peanuts or other nuts for our resident jays and red squirrels from a Little Bird Co. Thanks guys! 💙

Hi Katie

Thank you so much for your review and your kind words. I’m so pleased to hear that the food is well received in your garden.

Thanks so much for your feedback, I’ll look into selling nuts for your red squirrels and jays and let you know when I have it sorted! I’m very fussy about the quality of the peanuts I use, so I’ll start researching suppliers.

Best wishes

Jessica F.
Great gift to send!

I sent a gift subscription and the recipient was so pleased when the second and third bags of bird food arrived. It’s a lovely way to go beyond people’s expectations and the product is top quality too!

Chloe M.
Bird attractor!

This seed boosted the population of birds in our garden so much. Previous tenants had another type of seed, and there were hardly ever any birds in our garden. One blackbird, and the occasional ****.
Now I see a pair of blackbirds, sparrows galore, great **** all the time, some magpies and a host of pigeons (but not too many). It goes a long way, too.

I’m so pleased that you’ve noticed such a difference! What a great review-you’ve made my day!

Gemma W.
The birds are lining up

We have subscribed to the bird feed and the little birds are actually lining up to get dine out on this 5* cuisine!

That’s fantastic news! I’m very happy to hear they’re taking to the food (and that they’re forming an orderly queue! Fantastic review, thank you so much!

Shirley S.
A food for all seasons

Have been more than pleased with both orders placed. Birds are emptying the contents of feeder faster than I can keep up with partly due to antics of a Woodpigeon who has worked out a way of shaking the contents to the ground. Obviously determined to get his share of an excellent product. Excellent service and good content. I shall continue to buy throughout the seasons.

What a lovely review! Thank you so much, I’m so happy that the birds are enjoying it so much!

Anna D.
Great food - no waste

I met Clare at Beaulieu a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed with her knowledge and passion so signed up for a subscription. The mix is great and very popular with the birds - I have noticed that the food lasts longer as I don’t have irate starlings throwing seeds all over the floor and emptying the feeder within an hour. It may seem a little more expensive than some other feeds but the lack of discarded food on the ground shows that it is a great value product. The fact the mix is tailored throughout the year is also a great selling point as I am feeding the birds what they need rather than lots of “filler” that is wasted.
Well packaged, and the monthly updates are an interesting read.

Thank you so much Anna! I’m so pleased that you’re happy with the food and that the birds are enjoying it! Brilliant news that it’s making such a difference in your garden!

Calvin R.

Seasonal Bird Food Bag

Thank you for your review!

caroline w.
So glad i have found this site

What a great idea to do subscription it takes all the Hussle of of shopping around

Thank you for the kind words! I'm really pleased that you're happy with the food and the subscription service!

So glad i have found this site

Subscription what a great idea every month bird food arrives with out any trouble
Great packaging
Also helping independent people win win

That’s so kind, thank you so much! I’m really pleased that you like the food and packaging, and I’m so grateful to you for supporting my small business!


I bought the bird seed as part of a gift and the recipient was delighted with everything. She says that she has noticed more birds visiting her garden! I love how everything is sustainably sourced and packaged too and that you can plant the gift cards! Would highly recommend.

I’m really pleased that your gift went down well and that more birds are coming in for the food! That’s great news! Thank you for your lovely review!


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