A Little Bird Company

A Little Bird Company deliver top-quality bird food blends and sustainable feeders to families, schools and businesses. I love working with journalists, bloggers, influencers and other brands – send me an email on and we can set something up.

A Little Bird Company was founded by Clare Cahill in 2020 and based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Inspired by sustainable subscription brands including Smol and Freddie's Flowers and frustrated with the quality of bird food available and the single use plastic used to package it, Clare set up a plastic-free bird food business. Her goal is to support wild bird populations in developed areas by make feeding wild birds simple, enjoyable and affordable for families and to ensure the company is plastic free to limit environmental impact.

Bird food mixes sold in supermarkets and garden centres are often made up of cheap ingredients including cereals, wheat, dari, millet, maize, dried peas and dried rice and lentils. These ingredients appeal to larger birds (pigeons, starlings, corvids and water fowl) but are rejected by smaller birds (blue tits, coal tits, great tits, goldfinches, bullfinches and greenfinches). Because of the popularity of cheaper blends, larger birds were well catered for in the market place, and Clare saw an opportunity to provide a nutritional blend for smaller birds. Highly calorific and nutritious sunflower hearts make up the basis of each blend, supplemented by up to five other ingredients including suet pellets, fruit, pinhead oats, kibbled peanuts, safflower, hemp seeds, linseed and mealworms. Clare adjusts the blends throughout the year to make sure that the birds are supported throughout the seasons

To keep clients inspired, engaged and informed, A Little Bird Company add a Monthly Titbits information booklet to all subscription and gift delivery, containing details of the make up of the blend, seasonal information about wild birds and tips on how to support wildlife in the garden. There is also a regularly updated blog containing advice on feeding birds and ideas to help parents encourage young children to connect with nature.

The bird food is sold as a subscription, one-time purchase or gift set.

A Little Bird Company also sell sustainable feeders (either plastic-free or constructed using second-life recycled plastic) and popular gifts. 

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