Binocular Basics 2: How to use your new binoculars

If you've chosen your Viking Optical binoculars (having read Binocular Basics 1), you'll be ready to start using them to get to know the birds in your garden a little better. It's amazing the difference it makes when your binoculars fit well and give you a clear view - read on to get started!

Adjusting your Binoculars
The eye pieces on your binoculars are connected via a centre hinge which can be adjusted so they are comfortable for you. Move the eye pieces apart until they are extended as far as they can go, and then put them up to your eyes. Slowly bring them closer together until the two circles you can see become one circle. The eye cups are also adjustable and are used to cushion your eyes and keep them the correct distance from the binocular body. If you wear glasses, keep the eye caps close to the binocular body, if you don't wear glasses you can twist the eye cups out. You can also focus the binoculars using the wheel in the middle of the binocular - close one eye and adjust the centre wheel, focussing on an object around 10m away. When the object appears sharp, repeat the process with your other eye. This should give you a great view through both lenses.

Bird Watching
Start by looking for any movement in your garden or on your walk with the naked eye. When you see a bird and want to focus in a little closer, move the binoculars up to your eyes without taking your eyes off the bird. You'll find this much easier than scanning with the binoculars up to your eyes as your field of view will be wider.

Binocular Cleaning
Your Viking Optical binoculars are waterproof, but they need to be wiped over after time in the rain and fully dry before you pack them back into the case. Avoid getting sand and dirt onto the lenses and clean them as little as possible - it is always best to use a blow brush before the cleaning cloth to ensure you aren't scratching the lenses.

Binocular Storage and Care
It is important to always store your binoculars in the case. The Viking Optical binoculars come with a carry case and lens caps and I keep these on for extra protection when I am not using my binoculars. The eye cups should be twisted in so they are as close as possible to the binocular body and the centre hinge should be closed to prevent damage if the binoculars are accidentally dropped. When I'm using my binoculars on a walk I always use them with the strap provided, and I encourage my girls to keep their Viking Cubs on their wrists with the wrist strap. It is really important that the binoculars aren't knocked or dropped as this can cause them to come out of alignment and they will need repairing by a trained expert (which can be costly).

I absolutely love getting closer to the birds in my garden and on my nature walks with my binoculars, and I know you will too! Buy your Viking Optical binoculars today and get started!