Easter Gift Ideas

We can’t wait for Easter in our house-the Easter bunny always hides eggs around the garden for my daughters to find and I love looking through the photos of them collecting their eggs to see how much they have grown year by year. Easter can mean a lot of cardboard in the recycling bin with the traditional eggs, so I thought I would put together a list of ideas for alternative presents for children and grown ups this

Honeywell Bakes Easter

1. Honeywell Bakes
Honestly, I couldn’t choose from the amazing range of Easter and Spring themed biscuits and baking kits at Honeywell Bakes. The jar of bunnies and carrots is so pretty, and I loved the chocolate bunny macarons baking kit-the perfect activity for Easter weekend!

2. A Little Bird Company
We stock starter kits, prepaid gift subscriptions, books and more-the perfect way to give a gift that is genuinely sustainable this Easter! Treat the birds in your garden this Spring!

A Little Bird Company Gifting


3. Gåva Gifting
These beautiful reusable egg tins make a wonderful alternative to the traditional Easter eggs. Buy filled with chocolate, sweets or gin, or empty so you can add treats of your own!

Gåva reusable tin eggs

4. Little Conkers
These pretty crocheted Easter ornaments are sure to brighten up your Easter table! Little Conkers also sell learn to crochet kits so you can create beautiful projects of your own!

Little Conkers Easter Ornaments

5. The Gluttonous Gardener
I love the plant gifts from the Gluttonous Gardener! This beautiful orange tree comes with a jar or honey and a jar of marmalade, making it a brilliant way to share some sunshine this spring!

The Gluttonous Gardener Extra Orange Crate