Nature Conservation Day - Having a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Happy World Conservation Day! Today is a day dedicated to having a healthy environment where wildlife can thrive. Saving plants and animals that are at risk of extinction is one of the main goals of Nature Conservation Day. At A Little Bird Company, we’re going to give some of our top tips on having a wildlife-friendly garden that helps you look after the wildlife around your home whilst also having a healthy, environmentally friendly space. 


Flowers are a great way to invite wildlife to the garden as they are a source of nectar. Flowers not only look beautiful in your garden but also come with an array of other benefits. They attract pollinators, are natural pest controllers, control weed growth, and much more. Plant flowers using our wildflower seedballs for a gorgeous display of flowers in your garden. Simply scatter them where you want the flowers to grow, water, and wait! 


By adding bird feeders to your garden and supplying small birds with good quality food, you’ll attract plenty of wild birds that you can watch from your window. Supplying bird food is the best way to take care of the birds that visit your garden. Make sure you give them everything they need with our seasonal bird food, which contains all the right seeds and nutrients the birds need to help them through nesting, breeding, molting, and even cold winter weather. Not only are you helping the birds, but having bird feeders in your garden adds an eye-catching decorative touch, so you can have a beautiful, yet eco-friendly garden. 


Having bird nesting boxes in your garden provides the small birds that visit your garden a safe space to rest. Nest boxes help to keep small birds safe and protected from harsh weather, other animals, and more. Not only are you looking out for the small birds in your garden, but you’re also adding even more decoration to your outdoor space with a bird nesting box. Birds use a wooden nesting box when they have their young in spring, but they also benefit from a warm space to use for roosting in the cold winter weather. Birds will huddle together in an Anita nester to share warmth.


Having a supply of fresh, clean water in your garden will attract a whole array of wildlife to your garden to drink from it. The perfect way to do this is by placing a bird bath in your garden for small birds to use when they visit. 

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, why not create a pond in your garden? Not only will you be supplying water, but also attracting a whole new group of water-loving species into your space. 


Composting is a brilliant way to be more eco-friendly and bring wildlife into the garden. Improve your carbon footprint and recycle whilst creating a haven for many species of wildlife and insects. Composting provides a food source and is also a great material to have when gardening and encouraging plants to grow. 

We hope these simple steps have helped bring some inspiration to look after the wildlife that visits your garden this Nature Conservation Day. Start making your garden wildlife friendly today with A Little Bird Company and enjoy watching all the little visitors come into your outdoor space.