Take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2022!

We all love watching the birds as they eat the food we put out for them - now here is a chance to share our sightings and contribute to a nationwide wildlife conservation effort by the RSPB.

The 43rd RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch takes place between January 28th and January 30th 2022. Last year was the biggest ever bird watch, and here's hoping this year will be even bigger! Our data combined forms the largest garden wildlife citizen science project, and it is an invaluable insight into wild bird populations in the UK. As we know, wild bird numbers are down, but we are all doing our bit to look after them and contributing to the Big Garden BirdWatch informs wild bird conservation efforts in the UK.

How do I take part?

Set aside one hour of your day between January 28th and 30th 2022 to sit and observe the birds in your garden, from your balcony or in a local park or garden. Find a comfortable spot and settle down with a book or the RSPB website open to help you identify your visitors. Count how many of each bird you spot landing in the space you are observing, and enter your findings on the RSPB website. You can download a ticksheet from the website too.

Watching the birds has so many benefits for our wellbeing - an excuse to sit and observe them for an hour sounds brilliant to me! I'll be taking photos of our garden, and my two daughters will be joining me. You have plenty of time to order a big bag of food to support the birds in your garden and I can't wait to hear about your sightings - please tag me at alittlebirdcompanyuk on Instagram or Facebook.

Big Farmland Bird Count

I'll also be taking part in the Big Farmland Bird Count from the studio where I make up my bags of bird food. If you live on or near farmland, you can contribute your findings - download a count sheet here. Simply watch a stretch of land for 30 minutes between February 4th and February 20th, ideally at first light, noting down details of the habitats you can see as well as the birds - there are detailed bird profiles on the Big Farmland Bird Count website.